Sandra Sawatzky embarked on the creation of The Black Gold Tapestry as a way to have a solo adventure telling an epic story using her skills as a storyteller, artist, designer, illustrator, maker and filmmaker. She did not know where it would lead and what would happen along the way just that the challenges faced and the things she would learn would be worth the effort.

Sawatzky is a film writer, producer and director. Her productions Passing Lane, The Water Cooler, Belly Boat Hustle, Indian Blue, Swing Fling Thing, and feature film The Girl Who Married a Ghost are told through choreographed action and without dialogue. Belly Boat Hustle was compared to Monty Python at their best. Dance on Camera Festival held in New York’s Lincoln Center said Belly Boat Hustle showed a groundbreaking new direction for dance film, inspiring them to hold a Canadian dance film perspective. It was featured in the exhibition Workspheres at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.